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CORTEX - Software for Structured Finance


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CORTEX™ - Enterprise Software for Structured Finance

CORTEX is a web-based platform for servicing, pooling, structuring, and monitoring structured finance deals for any asset class. It manages mortgages, Loans, Leases and Receivables; Structure types such as CDOs, CMOs, Passthroughs, Sequential Waterfalls; and multiple pools, deals and users.

While many solutions offer support for particular deal types or for part of the securitization process, Tranquilmoney's solution is vertically integrated and manages the entire deal lifecycle. Its net-native, field programmable platform allows for customization via DoubleHelix, a proprietary language designed for Structured Finance.


It provides a solution to all players involved in the credit industry from the origination through the servicing, pooling, structuring, distribution and monitoring.

Servicer :

• Comprehensive securitization platform for performance and cash flow tracking
• Handles cash flow level detail covers all major payment conventions.
• Allows for timely collections responses based on unique sort and analysis
   applications within the systems
• Allows for customization of cash flow handling, response management based on the
   individual loan level detail

Issuer :

• Integration of multiple asset classes
• Comprehensive structured financeplatform for issuance of multiple pools of assets
• Easier entry to multiple funders to support new originations
• Structuring support through standard rating agency and cashflow models

Investment Bank :

• Improved pool analysis, pool structuring and reporting
• Unique servicing features that can enhance the I-Banker's sales offering

Institutional Investor :

• Bond and collateral level information on a timely basis to enhance analytics
• Asset transfer rules and pool covenants to ensure continued pool quality
• Can materially assist in servicing transfers should performance covenants be
• Customizable reporting and scenario analysis capability
   Trustee: Integrated deal management and real time cash flow and performance
• Value added options in regards to back-up servicing plans

Rating Agency :

• Increased transparency for deal and collateral analysis

Your Benefits
Structuring support    
  • Drastically reduce time to set-up
  • Easily handle complex structures
  • Facilitates Collaboration
Painless servicing 
  • Accurate application and redirection of cash
  • Set-up any kind of report with unlimited drill downs
  • Validate payouts through drill downs
  • No human intervention
Improve arbitrage 
  • Scenario analysis
  • Enables optimal selection of assets/liabilities
Timely Reports 
  • Automates the reporting process
  • Reporting needs of all parties covered



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  Key Facts  
  Released 2002

Upgrades: 2003, 2005

Deal Types supported: ABS, MBS, CDOs, CMOs, Receivables securitization and more

Online collaboration: Supports real time collaboration among servicer, originator, issuer, trustee, rating agency, asset manager and investor

Licensing: Available as a software license or as a service (SaaS)


• Setup
• Deal servicing
• Handle monthly payouts
• MIS reports to trustees and investors

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CORTEX - Software for Structured Finance
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